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I work with one client at a time to develop from the bottom up. We’ll start with a one to two hour phone call so I can get an idea of the scope of your project. Whether you've written some text, have notes, or only an idea for your project, we will work together to get your idea outlined on paper before I draft your first chapter.


I will write a sample chapter and send it to you within a week. Then, based on your comments, I’ll tweak it until it matches your voice. It's common for the written voice to take shape as the client envisions it in several attempts, but it could happen in only two.


Ghostwriting as a coordinated process. You will see an authentic sampling of your vision emerge in a short time and then added to chapter by chapter until it is finished. A full-length 100,000 word manuscript usually takes five months. Each week I'll send you a chapter on a day you choose, and make alterations to the draft as needed until it fits your vision.


Ready to Get Started?

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