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How much do you charge?

I charge by the hour and make estimates given a project’s expected word count. You would receive an estimate from me following our consultation.


A standard length novel is 100,000 words long and 250 words is considered a page in academia, so that’s 400 pages. However, many books have a higher word count per page. In most cases trade paperback will have a number closer to 315 words per page, making the book around 320 pages.


May I read a sample contract?

Yes. I email sample contracts upon request.


What genres and subject matter are you familiar with?

I am familiar with all genres to some degree. I’ve worked in literary fiction, science fiction, romance, memoir, film, and stage scripts. If your project is in a genre I have not worked in before and I think I am not suited for, I will let you know.


Will I be charged for extra time if you are unfamiliar with my subject?

Usually no. While research is needed for any large project, it is factored into a quote and is not a significant variable. Should your project call for an exceptional amount of research i.e. at a particular facility or location and require weeks or months of time prior to the writing process, that could constitute a higher fee.


How many projects do you have going at once?

I work on one project at a time. My client has my complete attention and I am working only with them for the duration of their project.


How long does it take to write a novel?

The length of time it takes to complete a novel for a client is usually five to eight months. Once I’ve drafted an outline of your ideas for the project, I’ll estimate the length of time it will take to complete it.

How and when will you deliver updates of my work?

We will create a schedule based on when you would like to receive work and communicate about it.


How would you like to be paid?

I accept retainers following consultation for 15% of a project’s cost and then in monthly installments you may negotiate with me.


What can I expect if one of us needs to cancel the contract?

Contracts may be canceled with written 30 days notice. In the case of breaking a contract, I am paid only for the work that I complete.


How often can I expect to communicate with you?

I work with one client at a time and you can communicate with me whenever you want on whatever platform you would like.


What is your response time?

Generally, it’s quick. This varies based on need.

If a client sends a non-urgent request while I am working on their project, I’ll often continue to work on their project and get back to them following the close of the work session. Otherwise I usually respond within one to two hours. I am virtually always reachable immediately by a telephone call or text.


What is your preferred platform and frequency for communication?

Following our initial phone call, I suggest an in-person meeting to discuss your project in full. If you prefer to meet virtually we can do that. Once the writing process has commenced, I find it is useful to connect through email and text messages with clients regularly and have phone conversations as needed.


Do you provide other services?

I will revise, edit, proofread, and set your book up for digital sales. I also offer consultation on how to solicit manuscript to agents and publishers.


Can I see samples of your work, what books you've written in the past?

I provide work samples however per agreement I do not reveal the identity of my clients.


What style guide do you use?

Generally, I follow MLA and use Perdue’s Writing Lab for reference. However, if a client prefers, I will use another drafting guideline. As far as style when it comes to dialogue tags, I will work with the system that you want to see in your project. It's all about capturing your voice.

What is your niche?

My niche is creative writing. This starts with literature and extends through fiction to nonfiction, genre to sub genre.


What do you need from me to get started?

I work from your ideas so I need as much of it as you have. If you have notes or any work written for your idea, I'd like that sent to me upfront. The rest we will get out when we speak

at length about your project.


How long have you been ghostwriting and how did you get involved in it?

I did my first ghostwriting project in 2009 and I’ve worked as a ghostwriter by word of mouth since. In 2019 I made a website for my business.

Do you have a process for learning your client’s voice?

Trial and error is the process for developing a client’s voice. Specifically, this comes from their notes and our conversations about their work. This is followed by my drafting the first set of pages to work out the voice. Once those pages are sharpened through revision, and I think that I have a client’s voice solidly, I send them the work then wait for their comments. Then changes are made if requested, and their voice is usually formed at that point.

May I know other books you’ve written?

Per agreement I keep my clients’ identities anonymous.

Do you travel when you are working for a client?

Typically, no, I do not. I want to be stationary when working on a project because it’s more efficient. Should traveling be necessary, my client would be informed in advance. Traveling has never lead to a delay in my completion of the service.

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