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Frequently asked questions 

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What genres and subject matter are you familiar with?

I am familiar with all genres. I’ve worked in literary fiction, science fiction, memoir, film, and stage scripts. I will let you know if I am not the right person for your project.


Will I be charged extra if you are unfamiliar with my subject?

Usually no. While research is needed for any project, it is factored into the quote. If your project calls for an exceptional amount of research, i.e., at a particular facility or location, and requires weeks of study before the writing can begin, this would lead to a higher fee.


How many projects do you have going at once?

I work on one project at a time. My client has my complete attention, and I am the only person interacting with them during their project’s development.


How long does it take to write a novel?

It usually takes six months. Once I’ve drafted an outline of your ideas for the project, I’ll estimate the length of time it will take to complete it. 


How and when will you deliver updates on my work?

We will create a schedule based on when you want to receive work and communicate about it.


How would you like to be paid?

I accept retainers following consultation for 20% of a project’s cost and then remuneration in even installments during the project’s duration.


What can I expect if one of us needs to cancel the contract?

Contracts may be canceled with written 30 days’ notice. In the case of breaking a contract, I am paid only for the work that I complete.


How often can I expect to communicate with you?

Feel free to communicate with me when you want. I can be reached at any time.


What is your response time?

Generally, it’s quick. If a client sends a non-urgent request while I am working on their project, I’ll continue to work on it and get back to them following the close of the work session. When contact is urgent, I am almost always reachable immediately by a telephone call.


What is your preferred frequency for communication while the book is in development?

Following our initial phone call, I suggest an in-person meeting to discuss your project fully. If you prefer to meet virtually, we can do that. Once the writing process has commenced, I find it helpful to connect through email and text messages with clients regularly and have phone conversations as needed.


Do you provide other services?

I will solicit your manuscript to agents or publishers or set you up for digital sales. These services are separate from the writing of the book.


May I read a sample agreement?

Yes. I email sample agreements upon request.


Can I read samples of your work?

Yes. I email work samples upon request.


What style guide do you use?

Generally, I follow MLA and use Perdue’s Writing Lab for reference.


What is your niche?

My niche is creative writing. It started with fiction and extended to include nonfiction,  memoir, and genre work.


What do you need from me to get started?

I work from your ideas, so I am interested in knowing your total vision so we are on the same page. If you have notes or any work written for your idea, I'd like that sent to me upfront. 


We will get the rest out when we have our second meeting.


How long have you been ghostwriting, and how did you get involved?

My first ghostwriting project was in 2009. I was living in New York City then and could work by word-of-mouth. This fortune continued when I lived in Mexico for six years.


Did you have a website in addition to taking work word-of-mouth? 

For ten years, I worked without one. I created my site in 2019 before I moved back to the United States. 


Do you have a process for learning your client’s voice?

Trial and error is the process I use to learn a writing voice.


Finding their voice comes from studying their written words and listening to what they've said about their project. The first few pages of my attempt to write in their voice sometimes leave out an element of what is distinctive about my client’s form of communicating. When this happens, I go back to the recorded conversations and their sample material. By immersing myself in their expression, I learn how to write indistinguishable from themselves. 


May I know the titles of books you’ve ghostwritten?

Per our agreement, my clients’ identities are confidential.


Do you travel while you are working for a client?

I travel to meet with prospects and clients as needed.

Ready to get started?

In our call, we will discuss your book idea, your goals for it, and how we would work together. If you want me to write your book, we'll schedule a follow up meeting to dive in to your idea and give it all the time it needs. 

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