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The process

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Ghostwriting is about putting your ideas on the page so people think you are the author. Your participation is to share your book idea with me in detail so I can see the story from beginning to middle to end. My job is to express your vision exactly as you would if you were the writer.


The collaboration process follows our relationship from initial contact to marketing your book. 

Contact me: We’ll decide a time to speak over the phone or wifi

Consultation: We'll discuss your project in detail. You'll send me a writing sample if you have one

Quote: I will give you a quote covering the cost and estimated time it will take to complete your project

You decide: If we work together, I’ll send you an agreement, be retained at 20%

Conference: We’ll meet in person to discuss your project in length, covering all of the details from beginning to end. We’ll meet in person or virtually if you prefer. If we meet in person, I’ll travel to your location and stay in a nearby hotel at my expense for our meetings. The duration of our meetings and the number of days spent on them are dependent upon your schedule and the scope of your project 

Recording: I will make audio recordings of our conversation and take notes. You will own all of this material, and it will be delivered to you after the project so that you have the only recordings of our conversations, or destroyed if you wish

Outline: I will give you an outline of your project covering its salient points. You may make adjustments to it accordingly, and I will revise it if needed

Submission schedule: We’ll create a submission schedule that works for you

Drafting: During the early development of your manuscript, I’ll match your written voice and write your book the way you envision it

Revisions: Revisions are an integral part of writing. I’ll revise the draft as needed until it matches your vision

Completion: The final draft will be sent to you. Your manuscript is complete and ready to market to agents or arrange digital sales

Insight: I’ll share with you all I know about the publishing process, tips on querying, magazine and journal submissions, and how and when to submit your book to agents

Strategy: We will decide on a strategy based on your desired results

Submitting: If you wish to publish traditionally, I’ll start the submission process by drafting your query letter and email template. If you wish to self-publish, I will set you up for print-on-demand and digital publication through Amazon. Additional commitment would be at an additional fee

Here's what the process looks like:

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Ready to get started?

In our call, we will discuss your book idea, your goals for it, and how we would work together. If you want me to write your book, we'll schedule a follow up meeting to dive in to your idea and give it all the time it needs. 

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