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Turning your book idea into a finished work is a major accomplishment. Commencing a book project takes an author down a long, winding road filled with challenges. Along the way there are pitfalls and you may feel compelled to stop and quit what you're doing.



As with other passion projects, writing a book is something that you stick with because it eats at you, demanding your attention until it's finished. Imagine how you'll feel when the book is complete.


Books change authors' lives, because authors are those whose words are continuously sought through the ages for their wisdom and entertainment. If you're compelled to get your story out, there's an audience for it once it arrives.


You're here because you're dying to see your idea turned into a completed book. Do you want the publishing credit, to be written about in the New York Times, NYRB, Poets & Writers, The Atlantic, to have an Amazon Best Seller, to go down in history, to help millions of people, to have your beautiful story turned into a film. 

There are many reasons to publish a book. All of them come down to one primary thing: it will be done if you want it to be done.


Whatever your reason for wanting to publish is, you're here because you are looking for somebody to write your idea into a finished work.


So many people have an idea for a book—a movie—or a play, that they keep to themselves. It never gets out into the world, and the world is unknowingly neglected of a fine piece of work. Whether you have a heartbreaking memoir, a Rom Com, or Sci Fi series in mind—a slinky New York Times Best Seller, a screenplay, or a gorgeous literary masterpiece occupying your thoughts, I'll plan it with you, then write it the way you envision in in your mind.


If you decide to publish independently, I'll put your book into the digital market, and create your online profile if you don't already have one. I'll also give you tips on how to move copies of it.


If you dream of having your own agent and seeing your book scooped up by a publisher, I will query agents on your behalf and send them your book.

It comes down to the relationship. How well does your ghostwriter know you? How will they work with you? How much of their time will you get? Can they do what they say they will do?



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  • Contact me: Set up a time for us to speak over the phone or wifi.

  • Consultation: We'll discuss your project in detail. Then, you'll send me a writing sample if you have one.

  • Quote: I will give you a quote covering the cost and estimated time it will take to complete your project.

  • You decide: If we work together, I'll send you an agreement, which you'll read, sign, and send back to me. 

  • Conference: We'll meet in person to talk about your project in length, covering all of the details from beginning to end. I'll travel to your location in order to do this. While I recommend we meet in person, we can do this virtually if you prefer. 

  • Outline: I will give you an outline of your project covering all of its salient points.

  • Submission Schedule: We'll devise a submission schedule that works for you. 

  • Drafting: During development, I'll match my writing to your own, and complete a manuscript that fits the image of the book you have in mind.

  • Modifications: I'll modify the draft as needed until it matches your vision.

  • Completion: Final submission is sent to you. Your manuscript is complete and ready to shop.

  • Marketing: I will prepare your book for sale on a digital platform if you choose to self publish. If you wish to publish in the traditional fashion, I will write your query letter, and submit your manuscript to agents.

  • Insight: I'll share with you all I know about the publishing process, tips on querying, magazine and journal submissions, and how and when to submit your book to agents.

  • Relationship: We'll brainstorm, strategize, and execute ideas quickly and powerfully to get your book on the shelves.

Ready to Get Started?

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